standard-title Nursing Homes Nursing Care with 24 hour access to doctors

Nursing Homes

Nursing Care with 24 hour access to doctors


Immediate Video Consultation

Doctors use video platforms for your continual and immediate needs. They also come in person which means you get more hands on care.

We handle all the technology so you don’t have to. For you, it is just like watching TV and talking to a doctor in your room.

Large screens and small screens for your eye sight needs.

Portrait of a happy male surgeon in an emergency room with his colleagues operating in the background

Every Specialty Doctor

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Therapy
  • Geriatrics
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • And Many More…

    Is one of your doctors not part of our technology network? Let us know who they are and we will enroll them. It’s free for the doctors enroll. There are no special devices they need.

Free for YOUR doctor to enroll!


Your doctor from any location

Your specialty doctors can attend to your needs wherever they are. Even from operating rooms, hospitals, and their private offices, our network of doctors have time to attend to your immediate need.


Reduce trips to the Hospital and Emergency Room

Many assisted living residencies call 911 with any medical concerns. Assisted Living with AIR MD allows for your primary doctors and specialists to evaluate you and your loved one before going to the emergency room. Most times, they don’t need to go. Let your doctor and cardiologist decide.

  • Reduce trips to the hospital.
  • Reduce hospital acquired infections.
  • Reduce insurance spending and out of pocket deductibles.
  • Reduce the stress and discomfort of the ambulance and overnight stays in the hospital.


Quality Full Service

Hospital Level Service without the Hospital

Some patients may need cardiac and vital signs monitoring to replace a hospital admission. Your doctor can order X-Rays, Lab Work, Ultrasounds, and other ancillary tests just like a full service hospital.


Total Peace of Mind

Live in a community where you have hospital-like access to your doctors and care.